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Why Your Building Needs NABERS

What is NABERS? In the United Kingdom, NABERS, known as the National Australian Built Environment Rating System, is gaining prominence as a potent instrument for assessing and enhancing building environmental…

Upgrade Building Standards with WELL

An overview Underpinned by an extensive seven-year research endeavor, the WELL Building Standardâ„¢ stands as a comprehensive evaluation system encompassing facets of healthy living choices, natural lighting, and air quality….

Office building with 1 AHU per floor

Existing building specifications Building: commercial office building Size: 10,000+ sqm Floor layout: Mostly open plan with 30+ meeting rooms HVAC system: one AHU per floor with VSDs, 15 AHUs in…

Healthy Living

We want to breathe the best quality air, to be productive and healthy. We want to look after our families, for our most vulnerable to be comfortable, to be safe and to be healthy.