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Healthy & efficient buildings

Use real time occupancy data to save energy, optimise space & provide a healthy working environment - in line with the race to net zero buildings.

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How it works

A simple installation process with quick completion times

  • 2 or 3 days for sensors, on average
  • 2 weeks for BMS integration, on average
  • Pilots can be up and running in a day
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Automatically action real time data to

Save up to 25% energy

Save up to 25% on energy each year with a return on investment within 6-9 months. This translates to a saving of up to 150 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year for a 10,000m2 building – equivalent to 10,000 trees planted every year!

Optimise space use

​Does your space work for the people using it? Use our granular occupancy data to create flexible and safe workspaces while optimising your real estate capacity.

Provide a healthy work environment

When air quality, comfort and workspace are managed with real-time occupancy data, you can give employees the confidence to return to a productive and COVID-safe workplace.

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