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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring with Knight Frank 2021

Project Summary

LightFi enabled Knight Frank to create clean and green workspaces for its employees, so they can feel confident in their space with indoor air quality conditions, monitored using the newly installed LightFi Sensors & increased visibility through LightFi Air App.

Who is this for?

Stakeholders: tenants/employees, energy managers, operational managers, facilities managers.
Building type: large & small commercial office spaces, schools, universities, residential facilities, warehouses.
System boundary: plug-and-play air quality sensors, app.

LightFi & Knight Frank Partnership

LightFi and Knight Frank have been working together since 2020 with a joint goal to create sustainable buildings that are good for the planet and good for the people who work there. Our post-covid challenge has been trying to keep buildings open for our clients, and to help encourage employees to return to their offices more frequently. Health and wellbeing have jumped up the priority list for employers and landlords, and therefore we wanted to design a solution that could help employees (and building occupants) feel safe and productive again in their workspaces.

quotes-left Knowing that our employer is also aligned with our own values on sustainability & wellbeing makes us feel encouraged that we are working altogether towards a common goal.

Jonathan Hate
Head of ESG Consulting, Knight Frank

Post-Covid Indoor Air Quality Solution

We designed the Sahara, Sahara Lite and Hoth sensors to be easy plug and play solutions to measure indoor air quality levels, along with our LightFi Air App that allows greater visibility and real-time insight into internal working conditions.

Our indoor air quality sensor range gathers data on: carbon dioxide (CO2) – which is a proxy for virus particles and affects productivity and wellbeing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – which can cause headaches if exposed for long periods of time pollutants (PM2.5) – that can exacerbate existing conditions, such as asthma and other respiratory disease.

Our LightFi Air App allows users to view the internal conditions of various rooms in their workspace with a LightFi sensor plugged in, before/during and after use, as part of prioritising employee’s health, wellbeing and productivity. Our Tier 1 offering encourages FMs and Landlords to take action on maintaining excellent indoor air quality, as well as giving employees the confidence and autonomy to utilise their workspace more effectively.

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