Energy Efficiency

Control and save energy

Our real time occupancy, temperature and internal air quality data, fully integrated into your BMS, allows to automatically adjust energy use to actual and forecasted occupants’ needs.

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Provide a healthy and comfortable working environment without wasting energy on underused building spaces


Our IOT sensors collect real time temperature, air quality and occupancy data, with a granularity from building to desk level.

The data integrates into your BMS, which helps automatically adjust ventilation, heating and cooling to actual and forecasted occupancy levels.

“During COVID lockdowns, we had 95% of staff working from home but energy usage was down by 50% only. We need to stop wasting energy on empty spaces.” – Quentin, Energy Manager

Graph showing energy use before and after installation of LightFi’s sensors for occupancy-based AHU control strategy


Our clients have achieved energy savings from £2 to £5/m2 per year, amounting to 10% to 25% of total energy savings.

That’s 40% to 85% savings on HVAC system.

With carbon savings of 60T to 150T GHG per year for a 10,000m2 building – equivalent to 1 tree planted for every 1m2 of dynamic building control.

Cambridge University saved on 84% energy costs and improved indoor air quality with LightFi

LightFi solution allows a 6 to 9 months ROI

Most facility or energy managers need to achieve a 3 to 5 years return on investment to implement new smart building solutions

Our plug & play solution and competitive pricing, combined with significant energy savings allows to see a return on investment from 6 to 9 months.

If you’re interesting in finding out how we can help reduce energy usage in your building or would like to book a demo, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

“We shouldn’t talk about energy efficiency or well-being in isolation, but in association with other aspects of comfort and space use. Both are part of a system.” – Andres Guzman


Help asset managers plan longer term net zero needs and optimise costs


LightFi sensors can show real-time occupancy levels to help asset managers plan for flexible building use accordingly in an energy-efficient manner.


Heathrow Airport was able to use our system around departure gates to clearly detect occupancy peaks in real time. For the first time, they were able to see clear 30-minute occupancy variations as people queue up and then leave to board the flight, which could not be seen with gas sensors. Our system integrates with your BMS to control AHUs, FCUs and more, to optimise heating, cooling and ventilation without impacting comfort and so reducing wasted energy conditioning spaces when they are not used.

Globally, energy efficiency measures could deliver a 48% reduction in global emissions by 2030, with 43% of those coming from buildings, resulting in cumulative savings of $2.5 – $2.8 trillion USD (WORLDGBC, How Energy Efficiency Cuts Costs for a 2 Degree Future)

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