Every building, no matter how old, can easily become a smart building that actively looks after your heath, your comfort AND our environment.

OUR Mission

Become a world leader in retrofit technology for commercial real estate:    to enable better indoor air quality in our buildings, where we spend 90% of our time (half of it probably at work, when not sleeping);     and reduce emissions of the biggest polluting industry, our buildings!

What we do

Our IoT technology makes your building smart in the digitalisation age - no rewiring required. LightFi's occupancy and environment sensors tell you how, when and where people are actually using your space, in real-time. LightFi also integrates with the BMS to automate responsive HVAC and lighting, optimised to improve your indoor air quality and wellbeing, while reducing your building's energy consumption.

Why we do it

Our buildings are responsible for 40% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. However, the cost of energy to organisations is only 1% of their overall business costs. So where is the motivation for change?  There hasn't been much innovation for the last 20 years, especially when it comes to retrofitting.

To make energy efficiency attractive to businesses, solutions must offer more than just reducing energy use. Considering that 9% of an organisation's cost is rent, while 90% is staff and bonuses, the key is to provide a solution that can reduce rent or increase utilisation of space, AND provide a better environment for the staff - to reduce turn over rate, retain talent and improve productivity. Technology solutions must have users as the key focus - and everything else will follow.

This is exactly what we've done with LightFi. Giving data and connectivity to enable to measure and improve indoor air quality and space use, as well as energy efficiency, is adding value to the organisation as a whole! This way, it's not only the Energy Managers who have a stake. Historical occupancy data tells the Estates and Planning team how to best plan for the future. Measurably improving the indoor environment has a significant effect on people's cognitive ability and productivity. This way more people around the decision table are excited, from the  CFO to the Facilities Manager, making everything easier to implement. Not only do we now reduce climate impact through energy efficiency, but also create a better place to work!

Why Not just ask people to save energy

One of the hardest things to change is our behaviour, our habits. Without constant active engagement it's very difficult to sustain change. We've seen stickers on switches in offices, lecture theatres, hotels asking people to turn off the AC, the heating, the lights. It works for the first two weeks or so (we've seen this with our data), but then everything goes back to the status quo, as we no longer notice the sticker (we get used to it).

This is why we've decided to use technology to automate the building environment to seamlessly cater to what's actually happening in your building. Energy efficiency has huge global potential. It is the quickest way to reduce our climate impact. It is the low hanging fruit. However, it is akin to collecting billions of pennies off the floor - it's routine, and boring - perfect for automation!