Health & Wellbeing

With optimal thermal comfort, air quality and building control based on occupancy, you can ensure a safe, productive and comfortable working environment for staff.

Indoor Air Quality

Monitor your indoor air quality, minimise indoor CO₂ and reduce viral load to provide a safe and productive working environment.

Energy Efficiency

Our real time occupancy and indoor environment quality data, fully integrated into your BMS, allows to automatically adjust energy use to actual, real-time occupants’ needs.

Space Use

Meet new expectations of flexible and safe workspaces while optimising your mid- and long-term real estate capacity.

Safe Air

Combine indoor air quality monitoring with disinfection, sanitisation and improved ventilation control to improve air quality and reduce viral risk

Key Benefits

Benefits for Energy and Facility Managers

  • 10 to 25% energy savings, 6 to 9 months payback
  • Proactive facility management
  • BMS integration to adjust energy use to occupancy
  • Quick plug and play installation
  • Happy and comfy occupants

Benefits for Building Operations Managers

  • Enable flexible, COVID-safe workspace management
  • Health, comfy and productive environment for staff
  • 10% to 25% energy savings
  • Easy monitoring and compliance with energy efficiency and net zero targets
  • Fewer temperature complaints from users

Benefits for Sustainability Managers

  • A systemic approach to energy-efficiency, good for staff and the planet.
  • 10 to 25% energy savings
  • 6 to 9 months payback
  • Easy monitoring and compliance with energy efficiency and net zero targets


LightFi offers one of the most competitive pricing structures on the market and pays for itself in months through energy savings.

Our flexible pricing model allows both Capex and Opex financing for hardware, installation and running costs.

You can choose to either pay by lump sum during installation or set up highly economic monthly payments.

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