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Healthy & productive working environment

With optimal thermal comfort, air quality and building control based on occupancy, you can ensure a safe, productive and comfortable working environment for staff.

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Provide a healthy, comfortable and productive workspace based on real, live occupancy


Our system tells the building how many people there are, when and where they are, so the building can adjust air quality, draughts, temperature in real time. This means everyone has a comfortable and safe working environment all day.

Our system can predict drops in air quality levels and, fully integrated with your BMS, responds to proactively increase or decrease ventilation, heating and cooling based on real time  occupancy. This provides a consistent level of comfort and well-being which helps maximise employees’ productivity. Not to mention the feel-good effect of knowing you work in a sustainable building where no energy is wasted.

Exposure to high levels of CO2, such as those seen in the before graph, can reduce cognitive and decision-making performance dramatically by 50% or more.


40% reduction in logged comfort complaints, improvements in their overall air quality – reducing viral risk and increasing productivity. Even balance of energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort.

“The FCU control strategy reduced drafts when spaces were less occupied, and was able to balance the building. Number of verbal complaints received by FM teams dropped from 5 daily, to only a few per week.” British Gas

British Gas reported receiving 40% less temperature complaints from building users with LightFi.


Help office managers monitor and improve the office environment


Our wireless sensors detect occupancy and air quality levels and monitor environmental conditions that increase the risk of viral infection transmission within any or every room in your building. This helps employees and office managers identify areas which see more risk and take action to improve the indoor environment, ensuring employees can work in safe, clean surroundings from 9 to 5.

When you exhale you release CO2 into the air. This can lead to CO2 levels quickly rising in indoor spaces depending on the ventilation and occupancy level. Understanding and minimising indoor CO2 levels is crucially important for our health (SAGE) and productivity (Harvard).


As a result of proactive real-time response to air quality levels, there is a reduced risk of viral infection transmission indoors.

Employees are able to manage their own air quality and report feeling better and more confident to return to the office.

See how our clients are offering tenants optimal workspaces adhering to Indoor Air Quality guidelines with LightFi.

Better indoor air quality means 30% less employee absenteeism from work (Building and Environment Journal, 2017)

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