Hybrid Office

Granular occupancy data for workplace performance

Why measure workplace performance?

We know that, as an employer, people are your biggest asset, and your goal is to help them be productive and continuously engaged with company culture. A well-designed workspace will boost employee satisfaction, collaboration and productivity as well as talent attraction & retention.

Understanding how your workspace is being used will help create hybrid and flexible spaces to suit your culture and your people, and adapt in line with your evolving needs.

Healthier indoor environment leads to happier people. Engaging your employees with the full range of workplace data can help develop mental health and wellness action plans.

graphic showing occupancy data being used to create productive work environment
Lightfi client dashboard showing workplace occupancy data

The future for sustainable workspaces

  • Use data-led hot-desking to reshape your workplace according to new behaviour patterns.
  • Know which desks and meeting rooms are occupied, for how long, and how often, using our X1 sensors
  • Inform health and wellbeing performance with indoor environment data, using the full range of IoT sensors via our Base sensors
  • Allow people to engage with the workplace and share their experience via the app

Our sensors & portal

The data from our sensors and app are available via our online platform, and can help manage your portfolio, drive effective investment, focus your ESG KPIs and reduce OPEX costs.

LightFi floor occupancy sensor


Floor occupancy level sensor & IoT gateway

LightFi motion sensor for office desks and rooms


Motion sensor for desks & rooms