3 solutions in 1

Real-time occupancy

people coming in and out of office over time and energy being used

Our IoT sensor and data platform tells you how your space is being used, allowing you to optimise your space and BMS.

HVAC automation for

fan keeping a person cool in the office, making them smile

Our sensors enable responsive, demand-based HVAC to improve air quality, comfort and productivity of your staff.

Energy efficiency 
and CO2 reduction

energy use, seen on a iPad screen, goes down when LightFi device is plugged in

Save time and money with our quick and easy retrofit install, that gives you a 1 year payback on HVAC and lighting, each.

"LightFi has been incredibly useful by effectively turning off the lights every night. We have been very happy with this solution."

FM at the Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University

Our Story

LightFi’s vision is to make old buildings into smart buildings  that cater to our wellbeing while being energy efficient at the same time. Retrofitting workplaces, especially to reduce energy use, often fall to the bottom of the to-do list of landlords and tenants. It is notoriously complicated to upgrade building systems: not only does it cost a lot of man-hours and capital to install, rewire and reprogram, but it's also disruptive, with office downtime and the end result doesn't benefit the users. LightFi changes all this. We created a smart building automation retrofit solution that enables responsive HVAC and lighting to give you a more comfortable and healthier working environment.

Through WiFi based, IoT technology our customers know  how, where and when people are using the building in real time. Through integration this enables demand based HVAC automation that is responsive to what is actually happening in the room. This way your building provides a comfortable working environment that caters to your wellbeing, while saving energy in the background. It’s a true retrofit solution, no rewiring, no hand-waving, no monkey business.

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