WHat we do

Space Optimisation

people coming in and out of office over time and energy being used

Our patented smart sensor detects mobile phones in real-time to anonymously count people in a room. See live analytics on our online platform.

Operational Savings

energy use, seen on a iPad screen, goes down when LightFi device is plugged in

Our sensors plug into your BMS within minutes to enable pro-active automated HVAC control to reduce your annual bill.

Indoor Air Quality

fan keeping a person cool in the office, making them smile

We measure and improve indoor air quality, ensuring you have a healthier and more productive work space.

Get in touch for more information: contact@lightfi.io


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who we are

It is environmentally harmful and expensive to light, heat & cool a room that no one is using - and this is happening in almost every building we have encountered. As a result, we have identified a need for a low cost real-time occupancy detection solution to optimise building controls and reduce energy waste.

Using wireless signals and machine learning LightFi gives you a detailed view of how, where and when your space is being used in real-time:
- LightFi’s sensors anonymously detect WiFi and Bluetooth enabled portable devices;
- Plug-and-play install takes 10 minutes for each sensor and covers 200m2 to 400m2;
- Our 3G capability means LightFi does NOT access your network or WiFi

We want to make energy efficient and healthy buildings easily accessible to everyone. Our mission is to tackle climate change by helping to reduce wasted energy in all spaces and accelerate the movement towards net zero carbon buildings.


We have around 100+ devices installed for live pilots across the UK with 5 commercial client sites. We are in the early stages of beta deployment, piloting our solution with clients for HVAC building control.

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