True retrofit solutions

Tangible energy savings, increases wellbeing and provides insightful data

Real time occupancy
data platform 

Our IoT sensor tells you how your space is being used in real time, allows you to automate existing building services and optimise your space

HVAC optimisation for
comfort & wellbeing

Create a smarter and more sustainable building with our HVAC optimisation device, improving the wellbeing and comfort of your occupants

Lighting automation with
1 year ROI

Quick and easy to install lighting automation retrofit, that gives you a 1 year ROI, and reduces your CO2 emissions and energy spend by 50%

"Lightfi has been incredibly useful by effectively turning off the lights every night. We have been very happy with this solution." 

FM at the IfM, Cambridge University

Our story

LightFi’s vision is to ensure energy is no longer being wasted unnecessarily in buildings and that the well-being of the users is enhanced through smart IoT enabled automation technology. Energy saving has always been at the bottom of the to-do list for landlords and tenants. It is notoriously complicated to upgrade systems, it needs to be done out of office hours, it costs a lot of man-hours and money to install, and old upgrades don’t benefit the users. Motion sensors create lots of nuisance: you have to wave your hands like a monkey every 15 minutes! With LightFi we will change all this. We created a smart building automation device for lighting and HVAC in all types of spaces for your comfort and wellbeing.

Through WiFi based tech we give our customers the ability to know what is happening in their office space, lecture theatres, warehouses, homes and provide a more comfortable and convenient place to live and work, while saving energy in the background. It’s a true retrofit solution, no rewiring, no hand-waving, no monkey business.

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