Occupancy Data

real-time anonymous occupancy & environment data

easy access to your occupancy data

  • Know how, when and where people are using your buildings in real time
  • Find which spaces are under pressure from overcrowding, or which are not being utilised fully
  • Get the historical data you need for better space planning

View a selection of environment data

  • Measure and track the indoor air quality of your buildings, especially your indoor CO2 levels, using the latest dual-channel measuring techniques
  • Know the actual temperature in the room with well placed sensors.
  • Get additional humidity and noise level data to understand more about your space when you're not there

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Who is it for?

Estates Management
Planning Team
Facilities Management

Our real-time occupancy data and environment data builds a story of what is going on in the building. It gives you actionable data with which you can reduce operational costs, create a better environment and plan for the future. It will help you answer questions like:

"Do I have enough space for my staff, or do I need to move into a larger building?"

"Is the air quality in the afternoon as good as it was in the morning?"

"What is actually the temperature in the office at head hight?"