HVAC Optimisation

Retrofit HVAC optimisation for energy efficiency

energy use reduced when the lights device is plugged in

HVAC contributes to 30% of a commercial buildings energy use. Current solutions, such as CO2 sensors, are expensive, disruptive and require complete rewiring of the infrastructure, not to mention writing a whole business plan for approval. 

Save energy and reduce CO2 emissions

Responsive HVAC capability based on real-time demand, reducing energy use when space is under-occupied.
Seamless integration to your BMS with BACnet IP, no rewiring needed.
Significantly reduced labour and low capital costs, means you get your money back through energy saving in less than 2 years.
Additional wellbeing, comfort and space utilisation benefits that make board approval easier
Perfect for retrofits

LightFi automatically reduces the HVAC loads when demand starts to fall, to make sure air is not cycled unnecessarily.