Occupancy Data

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space being used at different times in a building across different floors

A simple way to access new occupancy data

Know how, when and where people are using your buildings in real time
Find which spaces are under pressure from overcrowding, or which are not being utilised fully
Get the historical data you need for better space planning

GEt reliable environment data

Measure and track the indoor air quality of your buildings, especiallay your indoor CO2 levels, using the latest dual-channel measuring techniques
Know the actual temperature in the room with well placed sensors.
Get additional humidity and noise level data to understand more about your space when you're not there

Who is it for?

Estates Management
Planning Team
Facilities Management

Our real-time occupancy data and environment data builds a story of what is going on in the building. It gives you actionable data with which you can reduce operational costs, create a better environment and plan for the future. It will help you answer questions like:

"Do I have enough space for my staff, or do I need to move into a larger building?"

"Is the air quality in the afternoon as good as it was in the morning?"

"What is actually the temperature in the office at head hight?"

This data will tell you a lot about your building, and will give you a lot of information to help you make your building better! But why stop there? With our BMS integration capability we can make your building as smart as any new building. Our HVAC optimisation solution can make reduce your energy while at the same time provide a better working environment for your staff automatically.

Go futher and improve your indoor air quality 

Why? Well, high indoor CO2 levels simply lead to lower cognitive ability in people. This has severe consequences on strategic decision making, productivity and personal wellbeing. Check out this research from Harvard University that shows 50% reduction in cognitive function

Go further and improve your indoor air quality. 
Keep your indoor CO2 levels low with our HVAC optimisation solution