Lighting Automation

Retrofit lighting automation for energy efficiency

energy use reduced when the lights device is plugged in

If your space does not have motion sensors already, then you've come to the right place. Don't get motion sensors! Motion sensors, whilst not expensive per unit, they do require complete rewiring of the infrastructure, and come with high labour costs, especially if you have a high ceiling (as it needs indoor scaffolding); not to mention the disruption and cost of having to close down your workspace. 

Save energy and reduce CO2 emissions

Automatically turns OFF the lights when the space is empty.
Compatible with DALI and DyNet lighting interface, with our wireless DALI and DyNet switch.
No rewiring needed
Significantly reduced labour costs means you get your money back through energy saving in less than 2 years.
Can be installed by any electrician, no need for specialist knowledge.
Low capital requirements, with additional benefits for all stakeholders, making board approval easier
Keep original switch functionality.
Perfect for retrofits

LightFi creates energy efficiency by using live occupancy data to switch off lighting in every unused room, without the need to rewire your infrastructure.