Retrofit lighting automation

to save energy and reduce emissions

An open-plan office could save up to 50% of their electricity bill, which on average accounts for 1/3 of the total bill

Lights are left on overnight in rooms that still rely on people to turn off a light switch. Lighting contributes 30% to a commercial buildings energy bill, and at LightFi we believe significant savings can be made. Current solutions are expensive, disruptive and require complete rewiring of the infrastructure, not to mention writing a whole business plan that needs to be approved. LightFi can offer you savings and increase the value of your space, with minimal cost, smarter technology and limited intervention to existing spaces. These are key components that set us apart from our peers. 

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LightFi’s technology embraces our modern lifestyle: the fact that everyone is nearly never without their phone. We use WiFi radio and smart algorithms to determine if a space is occupied or not, and use this information to wirelessly automate the lights. All you need is:

  • check
    a WiFi enabled space: e.g. open plan office, lecture theatre, library
  • check
    users that regularly connect to the WiFi: e.g. via phones, laptops

LightFi create energy efficiency by using live occupancy data to switch off lighting in every unused room, without the need to rewire your infrastructure

It takes 10 minutes to set-up


Plug in our sensor ...


... Next to the room’s WiFi access point. It auto-configures without any further setup.


Plug the wireless switch in to your existing lighting controller. DONE!

Installation process

Installation process catered to your space:

  • Phase 1: occupancy analysis of space & benchmarking
  • Phase 2: enable lighting control
  • Phase 3: data and reporting

Capture live occupancy data

LightFi in action

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