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May 22

LightFi at Smart Grids Cleanpower 2017 in Cambridge

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8th Smart Grids Cleanpower Conference Expo 2017 Cambridge


We will be showcasing and presenting our innovation at the 8th Smart Grids Cleanpower Conference Expo 2017, `an ARM-sponsored conference and a B2B showcase, taking place in Cambridge on the 19th and 20th June 2017. Intelligence, connectivity, flexibility, automation, and the energy trilemma, are key themes this year. Automation is where LightFi comes in: automating lights and HVAC in commercial buildings.

We present our innovation on the 20th June. Attendees include ARM, utilitywise, UKPN, E.ON, national grid, Siemens, innovateUK and VCs.

8th CIR Conference agenda

8th Smart Grids Cleanpower Conference, 20th June 2017

8th Smart Grids Cleanpower Conference, 20th June 2017

Dec 04

LightFi at SLUSH 2016

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Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November. Except you. You badass. Welcome

Peter Vesterbacka, the father of SLUSH, said sustainability is the one thing that we need to strive to as a society!


We had an amazing 2 days at SLUSH 2016 – lot’s of interest, and lots of nodding heads! LightFi was on the TOP30 startups on the ReCoTech list!

Let’s see where these paths take us

A big thank you to everyone from Climate-KIC group for their support and interest!